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Constitutional white (2012)

Shifting More (2012)

Wie ein hund (2012)

Melancholic black (2012)




Constitutional  White, 2012, One hundred and sixty  A4 white pages, 390x243cm

Constitutional  White refers to the number of pages of the text of Greek Constitution as it was last reformed on 27th May 2008. It is composed of a hundred and sixty A4 white pages, which are creased one by one by hand like scrap paper and then are unfolded in order to return to their original shape.
This unique performative gesture renders a specific texture to the white surface of the paper, and comments on the austerity of the orthogonal institutional format. The sheets of paper are horizontally distributed in rows on the floor and form the shape of an enlarged A4 paper in scale.

Constitutional  White was presented in Boiling Point exhibition at  Kuenstlerhaus Wien, in Wien.

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