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Untitled (the Salt) (2013)

Silence (2013)

True places never are (2013)

Fig's (2013)

Resistance field (2013)



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Fig's (2013), wood, ink, 110x300cm, site-specific, island of Andros, Greece

Framing defines space and territory. Thus for this work I have borrowed the "Fig."s from M . Broodthaers’ work Museum of Modern Art, Eagles department, Film Section, 1971-2 and I have made them in pallet wood and ink (pallet wood is commonly used as a provisory fencing and ink as a reference to text). I placed Fig.s  in different locations in Livadia, on the island of Andros, in order to create a fragmented narrative line within the landscape.
The three-dimensional  Fig. s work as an index and convert landscape into an image. Although, through the eye of the beholder, landscape becomes either a portrait (vertical framing) or a landscape (horizontal framing), a snapshot.
.s as sculptures are installed in locations that aren't a tourist attraction or of a particular interest, so that they may intervene in the landscape as landmarks (site-specific) and define territory as an indexed medium (image).