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Untitled (the Salt) (2013)

Silence (2013)

True places never are (2013)

Fig's (2013)

Resistance field (2013)




Untitled (Salt) (2013), salt, pallet, ink, 160x220x60 cm

Untitled (The Salt) is made with a pallet painted with black ink and sea salt which covers almost entirely the pallet leaving partially exposed a thin horizontal black line.
The top of the accumulated salt forms the shape of a roof. The work refers to the roof as an architectural model of the habitat and the tumulus as a model of a tomb. Salt also represents both life and death. The partially visible thin black line becomes a horizon of almost a rectangular shape. A frame.
This work was made in reference to Italo Calvino’s short story La città e i morti 5  from the book Città invisibilli.